Sign our letter to support Growing Gadsden!

Gadsden is a vibrant community on the precipice of sustainable economic growth. The proposed Pilgrim’s Pride project will be a catalyst to continue Growing Gadsden for years to come.

The $70 million economic development project will spur Gadsden’s growth by:

  • Creating over 200 high-paying jobs, including more than 100 construction jobs and 90 permanent jobs at the completed facility.
  • Reinvesting $17 million locally each year through labor, utilities, maintenance and repairs, suppliers, freight and other ongoing business expenses. Another $50 million per year in indirect spending is expected.
  • Providing more than $360,000 annually for city, county and state schools.
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art technology to ensure that odors will be controlled within the property, keeping Gadsden a beautiful, welcoming community.
  • Protecting our natural resources by exceeding permitting requirements to safeguard waterways and air.
  • Spurring growth within the agricultural economy by increasing capacity for producing pet food from chicken byproducts.

Together, we can grow Gadsden for the future.

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